Use of Evidence

SSLLP draws upon evidence from a host of internal and external sources to inform, guide, and implement its strategies. SSLLP reviews and assesses current environments, our partners’ capabilities and gaps, and ongoing national and international programmatic and operational efforts to identify and achieve shared objectives. Evaluation findings, monitoring data, and other assessments measure how programs and projects benefit com- munities and groups; how changes in the contexts may affect the success of projects; and how interventions and activities support  Malawi’s journey to create wealth, self-reliance, and prosperity for all. Accountability Re- view Boards and timely third-party information and analysis from government agencies, partners, donor agencies, and NGOs also inform strategies, programs, and operations. Key sources of information include government officials, local NGOs and businesses that the SSLLP personnel in the field communicate with every day. This evidence is captured in SSLLP reporting and in publicly available reports such as NSO reports.

About Us

The mission of SSLLP is empowering resource poor and vulnerable families, through interventions targeting poverty reduction, food and nutrition security, and environmental sustainability

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