Theory of Change

SSLLP’s theory of change envisions a Malawian society where small holder farmers are able to realize meaningful, tangible and sustainable livelihood benefits from agricultural enterprise and natural resources. SSLLP recognizes that this desired state can only be actualized when significant challenges have been addressed. This implies that SSLLP should seek to address internal and external factors that limit the ability of small holder farmers to realize such potential. SSLLP has modelled its theory of change on this important realization. SSLLP’s approach is multi-faceted and targets all aspects of smallholder farming i.e. from the farm to the market and back addressing key decision-making points within that process so that farmers take their rightful place in the increasingly global context of smallholder agriculture. As part of its strategic focus, five themes were identified on which the program will concentrate in the next five years, to best use resources to achieve the vision of the organization.

About Us

The mission of SSLLP is empowering resource poor and vulnerable families, through interventions targeting poverty reduction, food and nutrition security, and environmental sustainability

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