Karonga Integrated Community Livelihoods Project

The project aimed at addressing food insecurity and building resilience of the disaster risk and affected communities in Karonga district, Northern Malawi by providing vulnerable families improved sweet potato and cassava cultivars, Cowpea seeds to plant in their fields as these crops were capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions like floods and drought. Interventions involved livestock support, management using the FEAST tool to address feed constraints, disaster risk reduction, promotion of climate resilient crop varieties. In addition, the project also provided livestock support for goats and chickens. It was implemented in Karonga district in the villages of A.B. Mwakabanga, S.C. Mwangwebo, Mwenitanga II, Mwambetania, Miyombo, Mweningolongo and Gwebe. Funding from Bothar Ireland.

Start & end date: 2017 – 2019           

Total budget: €65,000   

Location: Karonga District in Northern Malawi

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The mission of SSLLP is empowering resource poor and vulnerable families, through interventions targeting poverty reduction, food and nutrition security, and environmental sustainability

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