The Consolidation & Institutional Capacity Development Project

The Consolidation & Institutional Capacity Development Project aimed to achieve 3 main objectives;

By 2010, SSLPP Malawi will have developed capacity in 3 regions to promote and support sustainable small livestock farming (SL) & dairy cattle projects.

By 2010, 30 communities in 3 regions of Malawi will have increased their household income by at least 50% from small livestock and sale of dairy products.

By 2010, 3300 families (300 from dairy, 600 from goats, 900 from pigs, 900 from beekeeping and 600 from fish farming) will have improved their nutrition through consumption of livestock products. The project was supported by HEIFER Project International.

Start & end date: 1st July 2005 –  30th June 2010

Total budget: $1,131,909.2   

Location: Nkhatabay and Mzimba districts in Northern Malawi, Ntchisi and Lilongwe districts in Malawi and Thyolo and Blantyre in Southern Malawi.

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The mission of SSLLP is empowering resource poor and vulnerable families, through interventions targeting poverty reduction, food and nutrition security, and environmental sustainability

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